Why You Need To Be Open To New Opportunities - Helen Alton, Engine

Helen Alton, Head of People at Engine, shares her career story and career advice for young people. Engine Group is a marketing, advertising and communications consultancy that has around 700 employees within the UK. Helen leads Engine's HR/Talent strategy to ensure the business fulfils its strategic goals and demonstrates a great Employer Brand. In this video, Helen shares how she got started in her career, what her role involves and her top career tips for young students and professionals. Areas discussed include:

  • Her university experience and what steps she took after graduating
  • How she got into her HR career
  • Why you should be curious and open-minded to new things and opportunities 
  • Practical advice for overcoming imposter syndrome
  • What she looks for when interviewing someone

The Circl Interview Series asks leaders of the UK’s most exciting businesses to share their career paths and advice with the next generation of talent. Check out our other interviews with professionals from organisations such as Alexander Hall, Barclays and Uber.