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Why are we here?

Key resources:

Annual Impact Report 2021
Long-term Impact Report 2022
Annual Impact Report 2022

Circl exists to create a world where leaders are empowering, empathetic and inclusive.

We do this by delivering leadership training to diverse groups of professionals and young people (“Future Leaders”) side-by-side, exposing them each to people from different backgrounds whilst equipping them with new skills.

We develop the coaching approach to leadership because we believe the core skills of coaching – such as listening, coachee-led goal setting and problem solving, and offering supportive challenges – build the kind of qualities that leaders need to be empowering, empathetic and inclusive.

To find out more about how we achieve impact, you can read our Theory of Change here

How do we measure impact?

We prefer to talk about “managing impact” which places less emphasis on quantifying and proving impact and focuses more on continual learning about the nature of the difference we’re making to people’s lives, and how we can improve.

We manage our impact through collecting and analysing data before, during and after each programme, which tells us about:
-        Who is taking our programmes & their goals
-        The skills and knowledge they gain through the programme
-        How they apply these new skills and knowledge, both in and out of work
-        The difference this makes to them, their colleagues, organisation, and others

We collect this data through:
-        Surveying participants before and after the programme
-        This helps us to understand their level of skill and knowledge at each point in time, and to hear directly from them about any changes they’ve experienced, and how they’re applying their new skills
-        Assessing coaching knowledge through online learning modules
-        Surveying participants’ colleagues to gather objective evidence of their new skills and behaviours
-        Interviews with participants to hear their experiences and feedback in more detail

What impact are we achieving?

Over 1,000 people have completed the Circl programme so far – professionals and future leaders alike tell us it has provided them with valuable new skills for:

o   Leading teams and projects
o   Tackling challenges they face
o   Improving professional and personal relationships

After completing the programme:

92% Future Leaders felt they had the communications needed to succeed in the workplace

98% line managers noticed improvements in their colleagues’ skills or performance

83% professionals felt they better understood the next generation of the workforce

“I have been actively applying certain skills with my team at work - when they ask me for advice on how best to proceed in certain situations, I now ask them for their thoughts and encourage them to come up with their own solutions… Little by little, I can see them growing in confidence and enjoying more responsibility and autonomy.”

Professional participant
“It has been extremely beneficial in all aspects of my life and I'm very grateful.For instance, I sometimes coach myself when I am confronted with a difficult scenario. It helps me to align myself with my goals and stay focused.”

Future Leader participant
“Her leadership skills, empathy and patience have really improved since being on this course. She is evolving into a strong and reliable leader and I believe this programme has helped her to achieve this.”

Line manager of a participant from Facebook