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The Circl Leadership Programme is a unique experience which will help develop your best employees into better managers and leaders. Course participants are given real-world leadership experience by coaching and being coached by young adults from underrepresented backgrounds.

It gives your best people an opportunity to experience the world outside of work, expanding their horizons, making a social impact and giving them a sense of pride in themselves and in their company.

Leader as Coach

Coaching is a critical skill in a leader’s toolbox. It enables managers to ask the right questions, listen actively and empower their team members to make their own decisions.

Participants on the Circl Programme are trained using the TGROW & CLEAR Coaching Models by our accredited coaching experts. They then immediately put these skills into practice through coaching and being coached by underrepresented young adults - our Circl Future Leaders.

What skills do Circl participants develop?


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Fire up Future Leaders

Circl Future Leaders are diverse young adults from underrepresented backgrounds who have the motivation but not necessarily the confidence, access or skills to fulfil their potential. When your business joins a Circl programme, you directly contribute to creating a more diverse, equal and effective future workforce.

Watch the video below to hear from Suraj at Innocent and his future leader, Taha.

Case studies


The Circl leadership programme operates as a remote training course with regular online group workshops, one-to-one coaching sessions and eLearning activities.

Profile Matching

Professionals and Future Leaders are matched after filling in an online profile. #CirclMatch


Coaching Skills Training

Circl Facilitators run online group workshops to explain and demonstrate the coaching skills. During these sessions participants also coach each other in 121 breakouts.


Coaching Activities

In between the online group workshops participants have longer 121 coaching sessions and complete eLearning modules to further embed the learning.


Alumni Community

Once a quarter participants from all the different Circl Programmes and businesses (both future leaders and professionals) come together to network and coach each other.

Proud to be building leaders with:

Programme Content

Pre-Programme - Circl Launch Session

Before the programme starts both the Future Leaders and Professionals on the programme have an opportunity in a short 30 minute session to hear from their dedicated Circl Programme Delivery Team as well as from a Circl Future Leader who has already completed the programme. This is an opportunity to ask questions and start getting excited about the first session.

Session 1 - “Leader as a Coach”
1:1 coaching & eLearning

The first session after the launch is all about the professionals and Future Leaders meeting each other, building rapport and learning the differences between how coaching & mentoring apply to effective leadership.

Session 2 - “Goals and Questions”
1:1 coaching & eLearning

Session two brings in the concept of how and when to use open vs closed questions while providing coaching. We also explore the CLEAR coaching Model to help create refined and specific goals.

Session 3 - “Active Listening”
1:1 coaching & eLearning

In session 3 participant raise their awareness of how well they listen & practice strategies to improve before going into full coaching session with their circl match partner.

Session 4 - “TGROW Model”
1:1 coaching & eLearning

Session 4 looks at how to apply the TGROW Coaching Model to build towards actionable outcomes for the live coaching sessions. Participants are also observed giving and receiving coaching.

Session 5 - “Observation & Mirroring”
1:1 coaching & eLearning

In the penultimate session we explore using verbal vs non-verbal observations to deepen a coachee’s thinking and awareness. This comes both in the form of mirrored observations and expressing observations verbally.

Session 6 - "Providing Challenge & Graduation"
1:1 coaching & eLearning

The final session before participants become members of the Circl Alumni Network looks at how to provide challenge as a leader and as a coach, focusing on the 'Challenge Support Matrix.' Finally each participant receives their 'Leader as Coach' Certification and says a few words in front of the group about their Circl Match Partner in the Circl Graduation Ceremony.

Post-Programme - Circl Alumni Coaching Community

Once a quarter participants from all the different Circl Programmes (both Future Leaders and Professionals) come together to network and provide coaching for each other. This incredible network is an inspirational source of collaboration between a generation of diverse Future Leaders and forward thinking professionals from businesses that are changing the way we work and live.

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