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Our Future Leaders are a lot like you.
Driven, ambitious and with shedloads of talent.
We feel honoured to work with them - and we think you will too. 

We choose our Future Leaders from various schools, colleges, and social enterprises that we partner with for the programme. These organisations help us meet underrepresented young adults who are highly motivated, but lack access to the opportunities and networks that can help them move forward.

Average age range
are the first in their family to go to Uni
from ethnic minority backgrounds
are talented and ambitious individuals

How our Future Leaders help you

The Circl Leadership Development Programme is a two-way street; our Future Leaders will challenge, coach and test your team to be better coworkers, managers and communicators. 

Team development

Through hands-on coaching experience, your team will develop first-rate management skills that they can bring back to the office.

Engaged employees

By working with diverse young talent, your employees will be far more engaged than they would be in a standard training programme. 

Diverse recruitment

You can grow a diverse recruitment pipeline for your apprenticeship, intern and graduate positions.

Social recruitment

Enhance your reputation as a socially conscious employer and have a team that’s proud to work for you.

"I definitely think that Circl is a better option [than traditional leadership programmes]. You get everything you would get from a trainer but then you get the social impact as well. So why wouldn’t you?"
Jenny Hunter, Associate Specialist Director, Skimlinks 

How you help our Future Leaders

By working with underrepresented communities, you get to provide an opportunity that our Future Leaders wouldn’t usually have access to.

Leadership skills

The Future Leaders get hands-on professional experience coaching your team and developing the skills they need to listen, observe, challenge and help others.

Professional Networking

As well as building a future network of business professionals, Future Leaders learn how to network online and develop their interpersonal skills.

Employment Ops

Impressed by one of your coachees? You can offer them further opportunities with work experience and internships if the fit is right.

Coach Certification

Each Future Leader receives the Circl Leader as Coach Certification, which is recognised by the Association for Coaching, the UK’s governing body.