Future Leaders: Learn to lead
regardless of your background

What makes a Future Leader?

Our Future Leaders are underrepresented young adults between the ages of 18-24 who are highly motivated but lack access to the opportunities and networks that can help them move forward.

The Circl programme is an opportunity for you to learn how to be a great leader alongside high flying professionals from companies such as Meta, Google, Pepsi and British Land.

Our Future Leaders are complete equals to the professionals on the programme. The Circl Leadership Development Programme is a two-way street focussing specifically on coaching skills; you will coach and be coached by your professional match to help one another achieve your goals and overcome your challenges.  

At the end of the programme, each Future Leader receives the same qualification as the professionals- the ‘Circl Leader as Coach’ certification, recognised by the Association for Coaching, the UK’s governing body.

Increase confidence

Develop interpersonal skills

Become more comfortable with public speaking

Grow your network

Gain a professional qualification

It is worth around £1800, but completely free for you!

Start your leadership journey

We're looking for incredible Future Leaders from an under-represented background. The programme lasts between 3 - 5 months, and on average will take 1 - 2 hours a week to complete.

As this is a professional level qualification, we are looking for a strong commitment to the Circl programme so that everyone gets the best learning experience.  

How it works
‘The programme will push you out of your comfort zone and make skills like networking second nature. The programme made me feel a lot more confident over zoom, allowing me to perform better in interviews’