How To Embrace Failure - Nazreen Visram, Barclays

Nazreen Visram, Head of Charities at Barclays, shares her career story and career advice for young people. Nazreen has worked at Barclays Bank for 15 years, starting her career there as Relationships Director, where she looked after popular retail brands and their business strategies. She now works to help charities achieve their goals, as well as being the co-chair of the Embrace Multicultural Diversity Network. In this interview she discusses her career journey, gives us an insight into what it’s like to work at Barclays, and shares some great advice for young people around authenticity, failure, and discovering your passions. Some of the areas discussed include: 

  • Her career journey from a telecoms company to Natwest to Barclays 
  • Diversity in banking and how Barclays are addressing inclusion 
  • How young people can discover their passions 
  • Opportunities for graduates at Barclays 
  • Advice for younger people on being yourself and embracing failure 
  • Why you should be mindful of your online presence 

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