How To Find A Job After University - Eleanor Shorrock, Bulb

Finding your first job after university can feel daunting, so we asked Eleanor Shorrock, Growth Sales Lead at Bulb for her top career tips for students and young people. Bulb is a renewable energy supplier that launched in 2015. It now supplies 1.7 million homes across the UK with green gas and electricity. Eleanor’s role involves leading the growth team and growing Bulb through direct sales. She got a job with Bulb after applying for various roles after university, and shares her experiences with us in this interview. Some of the things she discusses include:

  • Bulb’s mission and what her job role involves
  • Why she chose to work at Bulb
  • How she applied to jobs after uni
  • How the application/interview process can be a learning experience 
  • What it takes to be a good leader and the challenges she faced as a new manager 
  • Advice to her younger self that others can learn from
  • Her advice to jobseekers including doing your research and rethinking your plan should things not go as you expected

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