How To Find Your Career Path - Rob Peacock, Samsung

How can young students and professionals figure out their career path? Rob Peacock, Head of Learning & Development (L&D) at Samsung has some top career advice for young people. His role involves him helping employees at Samsung become better at what they do (which in turn helps the business hit their goals), so he knows a lot about helping others in their careers. In this interview he shares some great advice around the pressure that young people put on themselves to have it all figured out. The important thing he says, is to keep experimenting, keep learning and to keep asking yourself the big questions. Some of the things he discusses include:

  • What being Head of L&D at Samsung means and what the role involves
  • His own career path from university to his first graduate scheme and how he figured out what he wanted to do 
  • Why it’s important to be open to experience and trying as many new things as possible
  • The big questions that you need to ask yourself to help you figure out what you want
  • Why you should treat negative experiences as a chance to learn 
  • How to recognise your ‘spark’

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