Why Inclusion Matters At Work - Rodrigo Caetano Teixeira, Uber

Rodrigo Caetano Teixeira, Diversity and Inclusion Business Partner at Uber, shares his career advice for young people, discussing the importance of inclusion in the workplace. Growing up gay in a religious family presented Rodrigo with challenges, but being able to be his authentic self at work allowed him to build confidence and go after the career path that he’s on now. As a D&I Business Partner, he ensures that everyone at Uber is accepted, celebrated and has equal access to opportunities. In the interview he discusses:

  • What his role as Diversity and Inclusion Business Partner means and what the scope of the role involves
  • The route he took to get to the role he’s in now, which included dropping out of business school before studying psychology and working in HR
  • Why inclusive workplaces are important 
  • How young people can build their confidence
  • How he got his first job role
  • Advice for young people around learning patience and knowing what’s important to them

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