How To Break Into The Tech Industry - Sparky VanDyke, Google

How can young people get a job in the tech industry? Sparky VanDyke has been working at Google for 15 years and shares her top career advice for those wanting to work in tech. Her role working as Site Reliability Engineer Manager at Google means that she’s responsible for making sure that the systems and services are available to users 24/7. Sparky knew that she wanted to work in tech from a young age, and spent 5 years at university studying Computer Science and Psychology, before joining Google. In this video she shares with us:

  • Exactly what her job role at Google involves
  • What it’s like working for Google and what she loves about it
  • The route she took to find her career, including her experiences and choices at university
  • Advice for young people wanting to get into an industry that’s constantly changing including the skills and classes that she would advise to take 
  • Advice for minorities working within the tech industry including what to do if you’re in an uncomfortable situation

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