Why You Need A Positive Self-Image - Itay Talgam, Conductor and Author

Itay Talgam, music conductor, author and public speaker, shares his career story and career advice for young people. Itay is a classical music conductor - he was the first Israeli conductor to perform with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra and the Leipzig Opera house. He has used his experiences on the stage to provide insights into what it takes to be a great leader. He does this through public speaking (you can watch his TED Talk here) and writing ( in 2015 he published ‘The Ignorant Maestro: How Great Leaders Inspire Unpredictable Brilliance’). In this interview he gives us an insight into his career and shares his ultimate advice for young people. Areas discussed include: 

  • What it means to be a conductor 
  • How he started public speaking and what he’s learned through doing it
  • His preferred style of leadership and the skills that made him successful 
  • The importance of having a positive self-image and focusing on what you’re good at
  • Why you shouldn’t feel pressured about ‘lost time’ throughout the pandemic

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