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Circl is a unique leadership experience to train and retain top employees.

We train professionals in coaching skills for modern leadership.

These skills are then embedded and refined through 1:1 coaching of 16 to 18 year-old school pupils.

It's a uniquely effective way to build a coaching culture at work while giving talented students the skills they need to succeed.


Professionals gain live experience of coaching people different to themselves.


They are outside their comfort zone (where true learning happens).


They are held accountable - If they don’t focus, they’ll let their pupil down.

In 15 years of leadership across Google, Spotify and Just Eat, I repeatedly found that traditional training never compared to actual experience. With Circl we’ve created an unrivalled, real-life leadership experience of coaching diverse talent.
— Circl Co-Founder, Adrian Blair

In an age of smart phone addiction and facing a future where many jobs will be automated, helping people develop leadership skills has never been more important or more difficult.



of 18-34 year olds interact more with their phones than with each other. 1



Only 26%

of young professionals feel their employer is helping them develop the interpersonal skills they’ll need for the future. 2



Simultaneously, young employees and consumers have never put so much pressure on companies to be more socially conscious.



believe businesses have no wider ambition beyond making money. 3




 would be more loyal to a company that helps to tackle social issues. 4



Circl addresses both of these issues.

Our mission is to build high potential school students into future leaders while helping companies build a coaching culture.

For Professionals

In order to effectively coach their students, the professionals need to fully understand the content. No other programme will hold them so accountable to their learning while also giving them the opportunity to transform a young person’s life.


For students

Many students are more comfortable interacting through their devices than face-to-face. This can result in poor interpersonal habits. By training them with professionals they simultaneously learn the skills and practice using them.

Nicole Vanderbilt  VP International at Etsy

Nicole Vanderbilt

VP International at Etsy

“Circl is an extremely effective training programme that has really helped me and my team develop our coaching skills. We were held accountable to our learning as we had to immediately put the skills we learnt into practice. I couldn’t recommend them enough to any businesses looking to develop a coaching culture, while engaging with diverse future talent.”
— Nicole Vanderbilt - VP International at Etsy

Circl Leadership Training focuses on:


circl workshops

People learn to be leaders through practice. Yet standard corporate training is either theory-based or involves practising on colleagues in an entirely artificial setting. Circl workshops offer real-world practice. Each professional is matched 1:1 with a pupil and held accountable for their development.

circl speakers

We invite top business leaders to deliver inspiring career talks at the schools involved in the Circl Leadership Programme.

Each short talk covers their career journey & the most important skills they've used to build their success.

Circl is a Coaching and Training Organisation Member of the Association for Coaching

Circl is a Coaching and Training Organisation Member of the Association for Coaching


The Circl Leadership Experience is a recognised Leader as Coach Course

The Circl Leadership Experience is a recognised Leader as Coach Course


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“It was amazing to see the impact of the Circl programme on our team at Uber. Not only did they learn effective coaching skills that they can use in their everyday work with customers and colleagues, but they got the chance to immediately use them to make a difference to a young person’s future. Can’t recommend the programme enough to other businesses.”
— Rob Luff - Team Manager at Uber