Circl Leadership Experience:

Online Module Two ~ Students

Welcome to the second online module of the Circl Leadership Experience. This module is designed to make you reflect on the content from the second session and give you some time to think about what is coming up in the third session.

THE MODULE is broken down into 6 parts:

  1. A short quiz on the content from Session 2 (5 minutes)

  2. A short message from you to your coach, thanking them and explaining the main thing that you felt they improved on in Session 2. (2 minutes)

  3. An assessment of your coach’s ability at this stage in the programme. (1 minute)

  4. Self-reflection: a brief look at which skills you found easiest and most difficult and which you want to work on in session 3. (5 minutes)

  5. A reflective survey on what you learnt in the 2nd session. (2 minutes)

  6. A brief introduction to the topics that will be explored in Session 3. (2 minutes)

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Reflections from Session 2 and preparation for Session 3

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Student Progress Self-Assessment - Skills Builder Framework (
Please indicate where you feel you are in relation to the skill levels outlined by the 'Skills Builder Framework' below.
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Reflections from the 2nd Circl Session
I now understand the difference between passive and active listening.
I have used the skills that I've learnt on the Circl programme in my everyday life at school.
I am now more aware of when I'm just waiting to speak and not actually listening to someone.
I have made use of taking some time to myself to listen to what's going on in my head before jumping into important conversations.
If I don't feel I've fully understood what someone has said, I now try to paraphrase it back to them.
If I feel someone has more to say when they're speaking I try to use silence to get them to speak further.
I can now observe conversations between teachers or friends and identify if they are both actively listening or just speaking at each other.
I feel my listening stamina has increased.
I am now more aware of my own biases when listening to people and catch myself making judgements.
Preparation for Circl Session - Observation, Challenge & Feedback
The 3rd Circl Session with your coaches will focus on thinking about current life challenges and how to provide advice and feedback in a helpful way.
As a coach you will be building on the coaching skills that you learnt in Session 2 and then adding on specific observation, feedback and challenge techniques
These techniques will include: - Learning how to provide challenge to push yourself and others into their stretch zone to maximise their learning. - Acting as a mirror for your those you speak to, observing their verbal and non-verbal behaviour and reflecting it back to them to deepen their awareness. - Formulating more challenging questions to build the responsibility they take for achieving their goals. - Learning how to bring yourself in to conversations to offer your personal feedback. - Learning how to bring yourself out of the conversation to ensure people don't become defensive. - Using TGROW with increasing challenge.
Why do most people find it difficult to be challenged *
Select as many as you want.
At the beginning of the next session with your student you'll be asked to reflect on these questions again.