Engaging Millennials & Gen Z

Stereotypes or not, changes in behaviour & attitude are clear:

  • Smart phones & digital immersion have affected our interpersonal skill. (Live Person 2017)

  • Purpose, meaning & social impact are increasingly important to young professionals in the workforce. (Cone 2017)

  • By 2025 millennials will make up three in four of the working population. 74% believe businesses should actively try to solve societal issues.

A Future of Automation (Industry 4.0)

Many young professionals feel unprepared for the changes that the 4th Industrial Revolution will bring:

  • Interpersonal skills are seen crucial, but with little effective support for their development. (Deloitte 2018)

Our Mission:

  • Develop the interpersonal skills of professionals & students through authentic interaction.

  • Improve social mobility by connecting different parts of our society.

  • Prepare the next generation for the changing world of work.