Why People Skills Will Help You Succeed - TJ Jacobs, ISG

TJ Jacobs, Social Value Manager at ISG, shares her career story and career advice for young people. TJ has a passion for community development and is responsible for working on projects that leave a lasting legacy at ISG. She got into her career path to help people like her - as a teenage parent she faced many challenges as a young person, but found that there were organisations and individuals who supported her and had a positive impact. Now she’s found a career that loves within social impact. In this interview she talks about her journey and shares her ultimate career advice for young people. Some of the areas discussed include: 

  • What her role as Social Value Manager involves 
  • Why she got into her chosen career path and why she’s passionate about it 
  • How people skills can help you get ahead and how you can develop them 
  • Advice for young people in today’s climate
  • Why you shouldn’t feel pressured to choose one specific career path 
  • Her top 3 career tips that you can get started today

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