How Your Choices Will Impact Your Life - Elke Karskens, Facebook

Elke Karskens, Director of Partnerships at Workplace from Facebook, shares her career story and career advice for young people. Workplace is a collaborative software developed by Facebook that allows remote teams to communicate online. Elke’s role involves her helping senior executives change their mindsets and approach to the type of company that they want to build. In this video, she gives us an insight into her work and shares some great career tips on building your network, negotiating and more. Areas discussed in the video include:

  • What her role involves at Workplace From Facebook
  • How Facebook approach diversity and inclusion
  • Her career journey including the job that sparked her passion for technology
  • Why you need to avoid distractions and focus on your own interests
  • How your everyday choices impact your life
  • Why you should treat everything as an experience 
  • Why you should negotiate your job offers - especially if you’re a woman

The Circl Interview Series asks leaders of the UK’s most exciting businesses to share their career paths and advice with the next generation of talent. Check out our other interviews with professionals from organisations such as Bulb, Alexander Hall and PwC.