How To Turn Ideas Into Actions - Richard Browning, Gravity

Richard Browning, Founder of Gravity Industries, shares his career story and career advice for young people. Launched in March 2017,  Gravity has invented, built and patented an 'iron man like' flight system. The vision is to build Gravity into a world class aeronautical engineering business, and challenge perceived boundaries in human aviation. In this interview, Richard gives us an insight into his work and his studio, showing us some of his creations and sharing his experiences (including crashes and flying at events around the world). Some of the advice shares includes: 

  • How to adapt to the world of work when you’re fresh out of education 
  • The power of finding creative solutions in difficult times 
  • How to approach new ideas and challenges
  • The mindset you should adopt with failure 

The Circl Interview Series asks leaders of the UK’s most exciting businesses to share their career paths and advice with the next generation of talent. Check out our other interviews with professionals from organisations such as Facebook, Bulb and Barclays.