How To Improve Your Self-Awareness - Oonagh Harpur

Oonagh Harpur, non-executive director and advisor, shares her career story and career advice for young people. Oonagh is a corporate strategist with expertise in governance, culture and leadership. She first became a CEO in 1988 and has served on boards for over 30 years in advisory and executive roles as a CEO, a Non Executive Director and Trustee. In this video she gives an insight into her career and what it was like to be a female leader in a male-dominated workforce during the 80’s. Some of the areas she discusses in the video include:

  • Her career and the path she took to get there
  • The importance of relationship-building in business 
  • Her experience being a female CEO in the 1980’s 
  • Why you should take the time to figure out your values
  • Asking people around you for feedback

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