How To Get Out Of Your Own Way - Zenna Hopson, Ofsted

Zenna Hopson shares her career story and career advice for young people on how they can get out of their own way. Zenna is the former Chair of Ofsted, the children and learners’ inspection and regulation body. In recent years, she's taken part in a wide variety of roles, running charities, setting up an education company, working with international schools and other opportunities that have allowed her to work with young people. In this video, she gives us an insight into her career path and shares her ultimate career advice for young people, especially for those who may be limiting themselves with negative talk and worries about mistakes. Some of the areas she discusses include: 

  • How she started her career without qualifications 
  • The skills that are needed to be a Chairperson 
  • Why young people should cut themselves some slack
  • The importance of embracing failure and making mistakes 
  • Why you should surround yourself with great people
  • Practices for getting out of your own way 

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