How To Be An Empathetic Leader - Lord Mark Price, Engaging Works

Lord Mark Price shares his career story and career advice for young people around being a great leader and doing what you love. Mark is the founder of employee engagement platform Engaging Works and WorkL, a digital tool on a mission to help you enjoy a better working life. Prior to founding those platforms, he worked as Managing Director of Waitrose and Deputy Chairman of the John Lewis Partnership. He has also been a Life Peer of the House of Lords since 2016. In this video, he shares some career tips for young people including: 

  • How he started his career with a graduate programme at John Lewis 
  • The advice he got at the start of his career (that he’s stuck by ever since)
  • How a promotion made him realise what drives him 
  • What every great leader needs to understand when dealing with different people
  • Why young people should take time to figure out what they love
  • Using the rule of 1, 3 and 24 to figure out your vision 

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