How To Be Proactive - Matt Stanbury, O2

Matt Stanbury, Head of Talent at O2, shares his career story and career advice for young people. O2 is the second-largest mobile network operator in the UK, with almost 7000 employees. Matt works to develop talent within the business, making sure that employees get the most out of their time at O2. In this video he talks more about his work and shares some great advice for those at the start of their careers, giving an insight into how young people can be proactive and develop themselves. Some of the areas discussed include: 

  • What his job role as Head of Talent involves
  • How he maintains a healthy work/life balance 
  • Why you shouldn’t feel pressure to have it all figured out now 
  • Tips for pushing yourself and developing your skills
  • Interview advice for those who don’t have much work experience
  • Why you should be kinder to yourself 

The Circl Interview Series asks leaders of the UK’s most exciting businesses to share their career paths and advice with the next generation of talent. Check out our other interviews with professionals from organisations such as Facebook, Bulb and Slack.