How To Be A Great Leader - Stuart Templeton, Slack

Ever dreamt of having a career where you lead a global company? Stuart Templeton, Head of Slack UK, shares an insight into what it’s like to be a leader at one of the world’s fastest growing software companies, including the good, the bad, and how he found the ambition to get there. Slack is an international chat software company that replaces email for company organisations. It’s used by the likes of Deliveroo, HSBC, The Financial Times and M&S. Stuart is responsible for growing Slack UK, which involves hiring people, creating a great working environment and helping their customers find success. In this video he shares:

  • What the mission is at Slack HQ
  • What his role as Head of UK involves 
  • What his favourite - and least favourite - things are about being a leader
  • Why he didn’t find his ambition until after university 
  • His top tip for young students and professionals seeking career advice

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