How To Deal With A Career Compromise - Varo Parisinou, TrueLayer

Vaso Parisinou, Head of People at TrueLayer, shares her career story and career advice for young people. TrueLayer is the leading technology company providing secure, global access to financial infrastructure. They’ve recently raised over $70 million to scale the business. Vaso’s role as Head of People requires her to make TrueLayer a great place to work and keep the team members happy. In this interview she talks about what it’s like to work at a high-growth startup and shares an insight into the following areas:

  • The company culture at TrueLayer
  • The skills that are important if you want to work in a fast-growing organisation 
  • Things to consider if you’re having to compromise in your career
  • Why she encourages a positive mindset 
  • Seeking help from people that you trust 

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