How To Boost Your Confidence in Job Interviews - Amaka Uche, Graduate Talent Manager

Amaka Uche, Graduate Recruitment Talent Manager, shares her career story and career advice for young people. Amaka is passionate about helping young people start their careers. Her job involves recruiting graduates and getting them into the tech industry, while in her spare time she creates creative content around careers and personal development. In this interview, Amaka shares her recruitment experience with us, giving young professionals and graduates her top tips for acing your job interviews and improving your confidence. In this interview she discusses: 

  • How she got started on her career path after graduating in the recession
  • Why there isn’t just one way to be successful
  • Advice for graduates who are leaving uni during this uncertain period
  • Her top tips on being confident in your interviews
  • How to answer the ‘what are your weaknesses’ questions in your interviews
  • What she looks for in a candidate when she interviews someone
  • Why you need to trial things to make sure your passions are really your passions

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