Impact report

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Impact is at the core of Circl’s model – we exist to make a difference to future leaders, professionals, their businesses, and ultimately wider society.

We believe that, through developing the coaching skills of professionals alongside under-represented future leaders, we are building the kinds of leaders which businesses and society most need:

Inclusive leaders from diverse backgrounds, who are better equipped to lead with empathy, and empower others.

To ensure we’re on track to achieving this, we regularly gather feedback and evidence from participants and their colleagues. We call this impact management. Through our impact management so far, we’ve learnt that the immediate outcomes of the Circl programme include:

For all participants

  • Improved coaching skills such as listening, asking questions, observing body language, and setting goals.
  • Increased confidence when talking to people from different backgrounds or putting themselves out of their comfort zones.
  • Making progress towards personal or professional goals, thanks to coaching from their Circl match.

For professionals

  • Being able to apply their new skills straight away at work, helping to get better results on projects or in working with colleagues, especially managing team members.

For Future Leaders

  • Being able to apply their skills straight away to improve how they relate to others at home or university, and stepping into new roles with a “leader as coach” mindset.

We’re looking forward to following up with all our Circl alumni later this year, to learn more about the difference which coaching skills are making in their lives.

Download Impact report PDF