"Our students have reported the programme to be influential in their career progression" | Royal Holloway University

May 26, 2022

Our programme brings together professionals from world-leading organisations and Future Leaders from colleges, universities and community projects across the UK. We recently reached out to one of our Future Leader partner institutions, Royal Holloway University, to hear why they decided to work with Circl and what benefits they’ve seen as a result. Royal Holloway is a research-intensive university that is ranked within the top 25 in the UK.

Why did the university decide to partner with Circl?

Circl offers a unique experience for students that we haven’t seen replicated anywhere else. The focus on students from underrepresented backgrounds is something that Royal Holloway, University of London are keen to support and is a key priority for the College's strategy/focus on improving the opportunities for these students to enrich their career thinking and progression. Now more than ever, it’s really important for these students to benefit from exposure to industry professionals, develop their skills and help them become more confident and well prepared for the world of work. 

Why do you think the programme stands out to your students?

The range of organisations that Circl work with on the programmes appeals to many of our students. We really couldn’t see any reason why we wouldn’t encourage our students to apply and get involved with such an exciting opportunity that has no cost to them.

What have been the benefits of this partnership to your students?

The confidence that they seem to develop over the course. They have reported the programme to be influential in their career progression and skill development. They create new networking skills and contacts that they have utilised and continue a professional relationship that they would not have had an opportunity to start before. In addition, they have realised that by being part of the programme and working and learning at the same level as the career professional, they are breaking down the fear of speaking to employers as they realise they are learning and sharing in the process also.

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