Future Leader Experience | The Knock On Effect of Circl

November 3, 2021

Aden Saeed was a Future Leader participant in one of our programmes with Haymarket. Following the programme, Aden sent us some wonderful words about his experience and what some of the outcomes were for him. Here's what Aden had to say:


When I applied for the Circl programme I knew that I would be taking a gap year before going to university.

Going into the Circl programme, I expected to develop my leadership and coaching skills and nothing beyond that. However, when I did my interview to join the programme you must have liked something about me, that when you paired us Future Leaders with the professionals from the Haymarket, you ended up pairing me with their CEO, Kevin Costello. 

As we spoke about our goals and got to know each other, Kevin came to understand that I was actively seeking a job for my gap year in order to both fund myself for university and learn in my year away from education. As time went on, Kevin suggested that I check Haymarket for potential job opportunities, particularly pertaining to business as this was the most relevant area to what I will be studying at university (Aerospace Engineering). 

I checked Haymarket and all they offered were apprenticeships lasting eighteen months. This wouldn't have been adequate for me as I was looking for a role that spanned twelve months. Kevin decided to have a word with his business department and it turns out the manager of the department at Haymarket could accommodate me with a one-year role. 

I just signed a contract to work at Haymarket for my entire gap year and would like to express my gratitude towards Circl for making every imaginable aspect of this possible. In this way, joining Circl helped me plan out my entire gap year, accomplish a significant portion of my gap year goals and help fund myself for university. 

Thanks for sharing with us Aden! If you're a Future Leader or a business professional who wants to discover more about how our programme works, head here for all the details.