Future Leader Experience: Helping Others Achieve Their Potential

February 11, 2022

Rianna is a graduated FL from the TrueLayer Cohort 2 programme. She has showcased her  leadership skills through setting up the Dominican Dementia Foundation, an organisation aimed at raising funds and awareness for dementia within Dominica. In this blog, she shares her experience of the Circl programme.

I applied to the Circl programme with the aim of improving my personal coaching business and I knew that this accreditation would be instrumental in enriching the services I provide. The reason I pursued this was due to my core mission; to support people to achieve their potential and aid people to work smarter in both their personal and professional lives. 

The Circl programme revolutionised how I approached leadership within my own coaching organisation. Leadership & management isn’t just about delegation but also understanding your team’s needs and listening to their unique ideas. This builds emotional intelligence as an individual and as a team. The positive impacts of this are endless, with the results often being a closer and more proactive workforce who can provide and receive feedback in a constructive manner. 

Another key element of coaching is the use of questions within the workplace. Overcoming business obstacles by asking better questions is something that is not normally taught but it is imperative to ensure that we are continuously reflecting on our progress. Questions like, 'are we impacting lives?', and if not, going back to the basics and instead asking 'what is impact supposed to look like in this business and what do we need to support us in the next stage of the business'.

Overall, coaching is a universal skill that I have already started using in my personal and professional life. The Circl Leadership programme is like no programme I have come across, pairing ambitious, young people with professionals is an empowering approach. This programme is a clear example that there are tools and support readily available to help all of us make a difference in this world.