Circl | Long Term Impact Evaluation March 22

April 20, 2022

Circl offers a leadership development programme that focuses on developing coaching skills to build inclusive leaders who are capable of leading diverse teams. Our programme has been deliberately designed to create long term behavioural change by bringing together business professionals and underrepresented young people to learn together. The experience is highly impactful for professional participants and Future Leaders alike, who find the coaching partnership instrumental in achieving the goals they set during the programme. To determine the influence beyond the programme, we surveyed participants six months after graduating to measure the long-term impact of Circl’s approach. Here’s what we found:

Participants continue to utilise their coaching skills long after graduation. 74% of professionals said that they continue to informally coach colleagues while 80% of Future Leaders reported that they continue to utilise coaching in everyday life. “I have coached a colleague who has been struggling with finding work life balance. By asking questions, they were able to find the root cause of the problem and work on that to improve their performance and wellbeing.” (Professional, Meta). The coach approach has also helped professional participants beyond conversing with others; 72% reported that they use their new skills to coach themselves on challenges that they’re facing.

Circl contributes to long-term behavioural change, building more confident and inclusive leaders. 6 months on, professional participants described their leadership style since graduating the programme as open, supportive and collaborative. 75% of professionals believe that the programme led to them becoming a more inclusive leader, with 72% reporting an increased understanding of colleagues/clients from different backgrounds. “Circl has had a fundamental difference to how I perceive and carry out leadership. I took a huge amount from the programme including developing my coaching skills, learning from my colleagues who opened up and showed new vulnerability, and learning massive amounts from the Future Leaders.” (Professional, Landsec)

Circl opens up opportunities for Future Leaders. 82% of Future Leaders reported that the programme increased their confidence due to the networking opportunities and the empowering nature of coaching and being coached. 2/3 of Future Leaders attribute Circl to the achievement of a new job role. This includes those who took on another type of role, new work experience/internship and new job. “I have become more self-aware of my achievements and potential, and have felt more confident with multi-tasking and self-management.” Future Leader, Arcadis Programme

Circl helps to increase professionals’ sense of belonging and enjoyment at work. When asked about the positive impact of the programme, 53% of participants stated that it’s increased their enjoyment of work and 42% said it’s increased their sense of engagement within the company. 

We conducted this survey in March and received 57 professional responses (across 25 different organisations) and 49 future leader responses (across 27 different programmes). The survey was sent to anyone who had completed a Circl Programme by the end of 2021. 

To discover more about the Circl programme, head here or get in touch to discuss how it could work for your team.