Circl Leadership Experience:

Session 2 - Reflection

Thank you for taking part in Session 2 of the Circl Leadership Experience on Active Listening.

THE MODULE is broken down into 6 parts:

  1. A short quiz on the content from Session 1 (5 minutes)

  2. A short message from you to your student(s), thanking them and explaining the main thing that you felt they improved on in Session 2. (2 minutes)

  3. An assessment of your student’s listening and speaking ability at this stage in the programme. (1 minute)

  4. Self-reflection: a brief look at which coaching skills you found easiest and most difficult and which you want to work on in session 3. (5 minutes)

  5. A reflective survey on what you learnt in the 2nd session. (2 minutes)

  6. A brief introduction to the topics that will be explored in Session 3. (2 minutes)

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Reflections from Session 2 and preparation for Session 3