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Personality Profile
I find it easy to introduce myself to other people
I like to stay organised
I do not usually initiate conversations
I rarely get upset
I find it hard to understand why other people are upset
If someone does not respond to my messages I start to worry if I said something inappropriate.
I worry too much about what people think.
I normally take the initiative in social situations.
I like:
Your Communication Skills *
Your Communication Skills
The Circl Programme is designed to help you improve your ability to communicate and build your leadership skills. The following questions are designed to assess how you currently communicate with people.
I often find myself looking at my phone when someone is speaking to me
I am comfortable starting a professional conversation with an adult that I don't know.
I easily forget people's names shortly after I've met them for the first time.
I know strategies and techniques to stop my thoughts wandering when in conversations with people.
I know what active listening is and have strategies and techniques to apply it in important situations.
I am aware of my body language and the non-verbal signals that I give off in interpersonal situations.
I find it easy to speak in formal group situations.
I have skills and techniques to make speaking in public easier.
I understand how to analyse and accommodate different peoples' biases when listening to them.
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