Our mission is to provide students with the skills, networks & opportunities to become the leaders of tomorrow.


Interpersonal Skills

  • Pupils not only learn the theory of interpersonal communication, but also put it into practice.

  • Through learning how to re-balance their digital diet, they learn to build a positive relationship with technology.


  • Talks from business leaders, combined with the training sessions in the offices of a business are proven to build aspirations. 

  • The business professionals not only act as training partners to the pupils, but also as inspirational role models.




  • On each visit the pupils not only interact with their mentor, but also the other business mentors a potential future network.

  • As part of their interpersonal skills training the pupils will learn how to network online & through their mentors connecting with other professionals in the business world. 


  • After each programme pupils may be offered the opportunity to talk part in further formal work experience at the business.

  • Pupils showing the right skills & mindset may be offered apprenticeship roles in the business.


Everyone benefited from the programme... it has shown us what employers are looking for & why developing these skills from a young age is so important.
— Pupil age 14, Ealing Fields High School (West London)