Each face-to-face session focuses on effective interpersonal communication and using the coach approach to build trust with different types of people.


Active Listening

Most people don't really listen. This is because we rarely have the opportunity to deliberately practice. Learning why it’s important and consciously practising active listening is at the heart of every Circl session.


Non-Verbal Communication

Our facial expressions, hand gestures, eye movements & postures are all outward expressions of our emotions. Yet many professionals & young people are completely unaware of this, despite non-verbal communication making up a significant proportion of what we say. Through personalised activities each training pair identifies their negative non-verbal habits while learning strategies to resolve them.


Building Trust

The ability to identify & reach out to others to help you achieve your goals is easier said than done. By practising networking situations together (from phone calls & social media to face-to-face interactions) both pupils & professionals learn techniques for building trust with different types of people.


Powerful Questions

Using a coach approach to leadership involves asking the right questions at the right time to help the coachee explore their thoughts and other resources they might have at their disposal to help achieve the desired outcome. We use the GROW coaching model to help both the students and professionals explore what the right questions are and when and how to ask them.

Group Communication

Speaking in public doesn't just mean standing in front of an audience. We teach each training pair how to build frameworks for effective group communication in both an online and live setting. This skill is then practised in front of other pairs on the programme.


Difficult Conversations

Conflict is unavoidable in any walk of life. Whether in a classroom or office environment, learning how to self-manage & communicate in difficult situations in a crucial life skill. This is a topic we explore further as pupils & professionals get to know each other throughout the programme. 

Jack Eatherly, Head of Sky Academy

Jack Eatherly, Head of Sky Academy

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Circl’s approach to developing skills whilst twinning both employees in business with younger people in schools is really innovative and a complete win-win. The approach is developing the critical skills that both young people and employees need to be successful leaders, now and in the future.