Circl Memorandum of Understanding Agreement with Circl Business Partners

Thank you for engaging your business on the Circl Leadership Programme. Before your employees can engage in the programme, you will need to read the below MOU and indicate your agreement by completing the confirmation form. Once this is done you will be sent the programme invoice. If you have any questions about this document please contact:

Memorandum of Understanding 


1)      Circl

2)      All Partner Businesses


Background and Purpose

A. All Partner Businesses enrolling employees on the Circl Leadership and Circl intend to establish a partnership.

B. This memorandum indicates an intention of collaboration between the two parties (Circl & All Partner Businesses). It is intended to give an overview of activity and responsibility relating to the strategic partnership between Circl and All Partner Businesses, the funding, and how the relationship will function. 


Key messages for the Partnership 

Below is a guiding description of the partnership which can be used as a basis for internal and external communications and be tailored for audiences as required: 

Circl is an organisation that engages with selected schools and businesses. Providing young people from disadvantaged backgrounds & business professionals with leadership skills training to help them develop in the workplace and before they get there. Circl builds interactive learning programmes for schools and businesses. More specifically, training business employees as leadership coaches, who are then matched with students on the training programme. The programme has shown to increase the motivations and engagement of business professionals & help build the aspirations of the young people involved.

Working with Circl allows All Partner Businesses to have real, positive impacts on community issues within London where a number of employees and customers live and work, as well as developing their staff through training and meaningful interactions.

At the heart of the partnership is All Partner Businesses support on helping Circl create a long-lasting impact within London schools by developing pupils’ aspirations. All Partner Businesses are providing more in-depth support to a number of young people while also developing & engaging their staff. 


Programme Cost

All Partner Businesses will pay Circl £1500 + VAT per employee to run the programme.

The payment will be made by All Partner Businesses in line with Circl’s Payment terms outlined on the specific and relevant invoice sent by Circl to All Partner Businesses engaging on the Circl Leadership Programme.


Terms of Understanding

This memorandum shall commence on the date signed and is intended to continue for the duration of the programme agreed, unless earlier terminated on the terms set out herein. At which point a review can be made for a further partnership period.

Partnership activities 

Circl will provide All Partner Businesses with training and engagement opportunities for employees and activities to profile the partnership to internal and external audiences through the activities detailed in the ‘Key aspects of the partnership’ section below.

This memorandum sets out the intended activities, but additional opportunities may arise during the Term and both parties agree to discuss these on a case by case basis. The programme is intended to run for 2 phases (4 coaching sessions in each phase 2/3 months apart), but at the end of the first phase the partnership will be reviewed with a view to continue onto the second phase 3 further sessions 2/3 months apart) of the programme.


Key aspects of the partnership 

Commitments by Circl to All Partner Businesses:

Phase 1:  Circl Training Commitments

  1. 1 x Professional Coach Introduction and Safeguarding Training (+ Safeguarding & Programme resources.).

  2. 4 x Coach Training Sessions for professionals (+ 4 x Circl Coaching Handbooks)

  3. 4 x Facilitated face-to-face coaching session between students & professionals (+ 4 x Circl Pupil Handbooks)

  4. Each training & coaching session facilitated & led by a Circl Ambassador.

  5. 4 x online e-learning follow up activities to be completed in between each session. 

  6. Ongoing safeguarded online communication platform for students & professionals



Circl Commitments to All Partner Businesses

  1. Ensure all legal liability for the students’ safety lies with the school for each session and beyond.

  2. Ensure the Lead Teacher escorts the students to each session and is present throughout.

  3. Select a diverse range of high potential students that wouldn’t have access to this opportunity otherwise.

  4. Run an assembly to ensure all students are aware of the company & programme.

  5. Ensure students’ commitment by using the Circl Pupil Application Process.

  6. Use Circl Coach Match process to match students’ & professionals’ personality profiles.

  7. Coordinate all dates and timings of each session between school and company.

  8. Provide promotional materials (articles & posters) to promote the programme internally & externally.

  9. Provide the professionals with a Circl Coaching Certificates (Linkedin & mounted)

  10. In order to account for any absence of pupils during the programme - due to illness, school transfer or any other reason - Circl will select extra pupils to take part in the programme. This will mean that some professionals will be matched with 2 pupils and complete their activities as a pair rather than solo. 


Impact Measurement

  1. PR and local authority engagement - Circl will provide All Partner Businesses with an annual report to demonstrate the impacts of the programme and coaches.

  2. Assessment of Professionals Coaching and leadership Skills Pre & Post Programme.

  3. Assessment of students’ leadership Skills Pre & Post Programme.

  4. Overall Impact Report: assessing programme effectiveness on both professionals & students.



Commitments by All Partner Businesses to Circl & the Partner School

1.       In order that the programme runs smoothly All Partner Businesses commit to confirming and securing the dates of each session at the beginning of the programme and ensuring that all their employees on the programme are present at the office on each date.

2.       In the event of any absence of individual professionals during the programme - due to illness, company transfer or any other reason – All Partner Businesses commit to ensuring that the absent professional is replaced by another member of their team and that that person is fully briefed on the programme and pupil(s) they are taking on.

3.       In order to complete the training sessions All Partner Businesses will need to provide a seminar or training room set up with a screen that can be connected to a laptop and enough tables and chairs to accommodate the pupils and employees (cabaret style).

4.       Each professional from All Partner Businesses will need to bring a smart phone, a pen and a laptop/tablet to each training session.

5.       When the pupils arrive at the company they will need to have a short (30 minutes) briefing by a Circl member of staff and complete a short activity. This will take place in a separate room from the training room. All Partner Businesses will ensure a separate room is available for this purpose.

6.       On arrival and over lunch All Partner Businesses will provide refreshments for the pupils and accompanying member of staff. (Dietary requirements will be passed on to staff)


Communications and partnership awareness

1. All Partner Businesses give Circl permission to feature the company name, brand and logo on Circl’s website and promotional material.

2. All Partner Businesses may promote and publish information about their activities with Circl as All Partner Businesses considers appropriate, including reference on the All Partner Businesses intranet and internet. However, this does not constitute sponsorship. 

The following activities will be offered by Circl to All Partner Businesses in order to further promote and increase awareness of the partnership: 

1)      Profile of partnership on the Circl website.

2)      Circl will alert All Partner Businesses of any opportunities to feature the partnership in local and national media.

3. PR and local authority engagement - Circl will provide All Partner Businesses with an annual report in order to demonstrate the impacts of the programme and coaches. There will be an opportunity for All Partner Businesses’ contributions to be included in internal and external media coverage (subject to approval) and All Partner Businesses will have an opportunity to further engage with local authorities.

4. Events and employee engagement - Circl will work with All Partner Businesses to create unique events to further engage employees such as lunch and learns & talks at schools.

Termination Process

Both parties will review the status of the partnership before the year end and continue for a further year if mutually agreeable. Both parties will endeavour to resolve any aspects of the agreement that are not mutually agreeable, and a revision to this document will be put in place if appropriate.  If mutual agreement cannot be reached where each party has acted reasonably and in good faith, then, the partnership will terminate (a “Mutual Termination Event”).

This memorandum and the strategic partnership contemplated herein will terminate immediately as follows: 

(i) upon written notice by All Partner Businesses to Circl if All Partner Businesses materially disagree with the direction Circl are taking and the parties are unable to resolve the disagreement;  (ii) upon written notice by All Partner Businesses to Circl if Circl have not carried out their obligations pursuant to this MOU (and have not remedied the breach upon being notified of such breach by All Partner Businesses) (iii) upon written notice by Circl to All Partner Businesses if All Partner Businesses have not carried out their obligations pursuant to this agreement (and have not remedied the breach upon being notified of such breach by Circl);  (iv) upon written notice by All Partner Businesses to Circl if All Partner Businesses believe that the strategic partnership with Circl will cause or is causing All Partner Businesses reputational problems; or (v) upon written notice by All Partner Businesses to Circl upon a Mutual Termination Event. 

The parties intend that their further responsibilities as stated herein will cease immediately following termination of this memorandum and their strategic partnership.



Circl will provide All Partner Businesses with an annual update and in addition, an update on any other key partnership activities. 

Both All Partner Businesses and Circl will provide appropriate ongoing feedback to ensure continuous evaluation and development of the partnership.

Accepting Terms and Conditions

I confirm that I have read the above MOU in its entirety and, on behalf of the company that I represent (stated below), I agree to its terms in full. *
Please note that your employees are not permitted to begin the Circl programme until you have read, understood and indicated your agreement by clicking below.
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