Circl Leadership Experience:

Online Module 3 ~ Students

Welcome to the Third online module of the Circl Leadership Experience. This module is designed to make you reflect on the content from the 3rd session.

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Reflections from Session 3 and preparation for Graduation

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Student Progress Self-Assessment - Skills Builder Framework (
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Reflections from the 2nd Circl Session
I understand the concept of a stretch zone in personal development.
I understand the concept of 'the loving boot' in the challenge support matrix.
I now know the difference between coachee and coach data.
I now understand how best to offer observations in a coaching session.
I know how to use the coach approach to offer advice.
Working with the coach has helped me practice skills that I can now use at school.
I feel that this programme has played a part in helping me improve my performance at school.
Select the Top 3 skills from the whole programme that you think you will continue to use: *
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